Nautor Swan


Even the best thing in the world can be improved, at least in details. Taking advantage from our experience as well as listening to suggestions coming from our owners, captains and experts, we constantly and rigorously test every new Swan model, from launch through early life in order to improve our boats – keeping them updated in terms of technology, safety, comfort and changes in regulations. This passionate attention to improvement is one of the key reasons why Swan yachts are the most appreciated boats in the world. This process was obviously applied to our successful and beloved Swan 54.

The outstanding Swan 54 just got even better.

The architect
German Frers
This is the second generation of blue water cruising yachts, designed for Nautor. She has been refined in all departments and stands out in the crowd because of her design and the inherent quality of her construction. This is a sailing yacht, large enough for a group of six to cruise in comfort but small enough to be able to be sailed and maintained by her owners. This is the boat anybody like me, with a wealth of offshore racing experience and a taste for blue water cruising with family and friends, or young people looking to have the adventure of their lives, would dream to own and enjoy in all places of the world without limitations of any sort. She is graceful, elegant and nice looking, the freeboards and overhangs are well proportioned and will have timeless appeal.

Form and function are in complete harmony. Her hull lines are sweet and undistorted and she has an easy motion at sea, no pounding when powering upwind against a moderate chop. The prismatic coefficient was planned for above average all around speed over 8 knots. The waterplane area as a result of the relatively long waterline coupled with a high center of buoyancy contribute in great part to the form stability thus, the relatively low ballast to displacement ratio to enhance a good soft motion. Both appendage configurations will be moderately loaded while going upwind and never stall and there is plenty of steering control in all conditions. The deck is minimalistic in design and well married to the hull in appearance. Surfaces are clean and uncluttered facilitating sail handling and the movement of crew while sailing or at anchor. Her rig completes the equation, She will be a joy to sail.

Swan 54: Beautiful, fast, comfortable, laden with clever features and details to enjoy the sea and the environment, she is a yacht for life, to love and to be proud of Next delivery spring 2024

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